Term 4 Dance & Drama: School Production

I am learning to:

Complete a dance routine for our School Production. Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again from the 1960’s

I can do this when I can:

Learn the specific steps to a dance
Keep in time to the music
Follow instructions

Value Focus: Excellence

Term 3 Reading

Sam knows a good reader will read on when they get stuck on a word and by reading on it will help them to work out what the word might be.

Term 3 Numeracy

I am learning to:

· problem solve using my knowledge of times tables

Success Criteria:

·  I will be able to calculate the answers with accuracy in my head or by recording via a variety of strategies

Teacher's Comment:
Congratulations Sam. You have excelled this year at numeracy time. It has been a pleasure teaching you.

Term 4 Music

WAre Learning To:

Keep the beat using percussion instruments

Success Criteria: 

We will keep in time to the beat of a song using drums and shakers

Term 4 Discovery

I enjoy working on the ipods and ipads at Discovery on a Friday morning. In this photo I am playing with the clever sticks in Room 23. I need to use my thinking skills to make things.  I enjoy making ships with the clever sticks.

Term 4 Writing

We Are Learning To….

Write a recount of a Maori Legend

Write a beginning middle and end

Use adjectives and similes in our writing

Success Criteria:

We will have……

Recounted the Maori Legend Tane and the Stars using our own words

Written a beginning, middle and end

We would have included adjectives and one simile in our story

Teacher's Comment:

Wonderful writing Sam. Great use of adjectives and similes. 
You have shown yourself to be an awesome writer Sam. Well done. It has been interesting reading your stories this year.

Term 3 Sam's Mihi

WAre Learning To:

 Introduce ourselves, our family, friends and teachers in Maori

Suceess Criteria: 

We will be able to say our name. The name of our mum  and dad. The name of one friend. The name of our teacher and principal.

Ka Pai Sam

2013 CARE Values Self Evaluation

Oaklands School CARE VALUES

I show our school CARE value COMMUNITY by picking up pieces of rubbish and by letting people join in my fabulous fun games.

I show our school CARE value Active Thinking by answering amazing questions.

I show our school CARE value Respect by respecting other people around me and by sitting up straight in the hall during assembly.

I show our school CARE value Excellence by doing my best work in the whole wide world.

Term 3 Gymnastics

I am learning to:

Recognise and show different gymnastic shapes and to use these shapes in a simple sequence involving movement

Success Criteria:

I will be able to show a stretch, straddle, tuck and pike and use them in a simple movement sequence

"I didn't really like doing gymnastics. I learnt 2 new shapes.  The straddle and the pike. Our warm up game Dead Ants was fun and I was good at it" said Sam.

Term 2 Writing Recounting a recent event

We are learning to:

. give our reader a clearer picture by including adjectives in our recounts

. correctly place full stops and capital letters

Success Criteria:

· In my writing I will have included one or two adjectives

. In my writing I will have started a sentence with a capital letter and finished it with a full stop

Teacher Assessment:

Sam you are beginning to use adjectives in your writing. You have correctly placed full stops and capital letters. 

Next Step

To add more information to the middle part of your writing before you finish off.
To use other words than "Then" at the start of your sentences.