Term 1 highlights Sam I

What? My highlights for term 1 .

So what?
My highlights for term 1 is being in Mr Formans class because we have a lot in common like sports.
I also enjoy being sports monitor for room 24 with Max. I can get on with my learning because my classmates are working quietly. I think I have had a great start to the year.

Now what?
I am going to try have a good year.

2015 Reflection

Something I have enjoyed this year is meeting new friends.
Something I have enjoy

Reading goal

I set up a game .
I did a 

Life education

What does our body need to stay healthy and happy.

So what ?
There are 7 different things to keep you happy and alive they are food, water, oxygen, sleep, exercise, love and washing.

There is a song about sugar salt fat that we sung a couple of times. I also learnt the sugar that they put in juice is called stevia .

Now what?
I am going to check how much sugar salt and fat are in the things that I am eating.

Swimming lessons

I learnt lots of different strokes during swimming lessons like...
1. Bulldozer
2. Worm
3. Catipiller
4. Kicking facing someone trying to push them back
5. Kicking on your back