Art with Mrs Boston

We did sun art with Mrs Boston when Mr Forman was at the swimming zones.

So what?
We got a peace of black paper and drew the outline with chalk and the inside with pastel. We also did some draft copies.

Now what?
Next I would like to do some type of dye art.

Multi-cultural week

last week oaklands school had a multi-cultural day.

So what?
we did a cool Korean game. 
we also got henna on our hands / arms.

I got to learn different languages.
I got to learn about NZ because me and Baxter made a poster.
2 facts that I learnt
That henna is made out of henna leaf.
 I found out about the meanings of the Korean flag

Now what?
We are going to be learning more about the different culturals in rm 24 and healthy snacks.