Term 4 Learning Goal

Term 4 Learning Goal
My Goal
My goal is to stay consistently on green

How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
Be resilient

How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
At the end of the year

Goal Review
What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Sit down and listen to the speaker

My Next Step is...
To focus on my learning.

Learner qualities

Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicate

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.15.37 PM.png

Share at least 3 example of how you have shown empathy recently. Add a photo if you can.
  1. I filled a bucket by saying well done when someone scores a try.
  2. I help others when they are not feeling that well.
  3. I play with someone who is alone.

Share at least 3 examples of how you have communicated in different ways this term. Add photos if you can.
  1. I say hi to people in the morning.
  2. I participate on the subject by contributing to the lesson.
  3. I try my hardest to ignore distractions and listen to the speaker or presentation.